Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Breakthruradio NOLA Spotlight!

Hey errybody,

Sorry for being away so long, I have been moving over the past week and am now all settled in my new midcity home. Heres whats been up.

As far as shows on the horizon, we have a goodie for you.
April 24th, we we will be squeezing some absolutely incredible New Orleans voices into the Saturn Bar. This one is not to be missed:
Loren Murrell is my absolute favorite singer in this town, and if you havent heard the man yet, then shame on you. I will help you quell this shame though, by giving you this link.
Sarah Quintana once sang me a song waiting in the bathroom line at Mimi's and that blew me away. Imagining this with a guitar and a microphone, is extremely exciting. You can watch her beautiful business go down right here
Hooray for the Riff Raff is real cool. If you like Jana Hunter or Jolie Holland, you will love Ms. Alynda Lee's voice. And check the awesome instrumentation on their songs right about here.

In other news the show with White Bitch, Pumpkin, and our Austin comedy pals Seth Cockfield, Jake Flores, and Joe Staats went really well. We had a great time, and all the bands and comedians were awesome.
And also:

Hey New Orleans! Our lovely city was featured on a lovely program recently. Breakthru Radio's Spotlight on the City did an episode on New Orleans and it was stellar. Big thanks to them for the New Orleans love. You can hear the episode with us and lots of our other favorite NOLA bands here.

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