Monday, March 30, 2009

Very Bad News/New Review from Sin City South

Another great review for the record:

Couldn't come at a more inopportune time, though.
Here's our situation. We are looking for a new singer. Micah has decided to part ways with the group, citing creative differences. Though we support his new endeavors whole-heartedly, it is a terrible strain on the band. 
The rest of the guys and I will continue under the SC moniker whilst Micah will be working solo with a producer on more Dub-oriented stuff. Our Final show will be this saturday at the Blue Nile. Please come out beg him to stay. I can't try any harder. 

We will be holding auditions for new singers next weekend. They will be held with  our new producer the legendary Fred LeBlanc at his home studio in Metairie. Parties interested should email a photo and song samples to


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  2. We will pull through.It will be tough but we are a solid band i think. Micah's new thing Marmalade Machine is quite good though and we wish him the best

  3. With McKee out and LeBlanc at the helm, Cinema will finally achieve that "Mouth" sound that New Orleans craves!

  4. Come on man, be respectful. this is a hard time. i've been through it with my band.

  5. I know Fred LeBlanc from Cowboy Mouth very well, and this is the Fred you're talking about, this is the first he's heard of this.

  6. I mean IF this is....