Monday, March 30, 2009

Very Bad News/New Review from Sin City South

Another great review for the record:

Couldn't come at a more inopportune time, though.
Here's our situation. We are looking for a new singer. Micah has decided to part ways with the group, citing creative differences. Though we support his new endeavors whole-heartedly, it is a terrible strain on the band. 
The rest of the guys and I will continue under the SC moniker whilst Micah will be working solo with a producer on more Dub-oriented stuff. Our Final show will be this saturday at the Blue Nile. Please come out beg him to stay. I can't try any harder. 

We will be holding auditions for new singers next weekend. They will be held with  our new producer the legendary Fred LeBlanc at his home studio in Metairie. Parties interested should email a photo and song samples to

Monday, March 23, 2009

Is it on?

It is springtime and to celebrate I have started a blog. Here the band will be sharing news band-related and otherwise, updating very very regularly. Lets be friends.

To bring everyone up to speed:

We finished Fins and Feathers and released it in January. You can get it from us, and within the next week or so, from CDBaby and Itunes.

Here is a review in OffBeat Magazine!

Here is one in I think Portugese from Canal Pop!

There is another Here in wacky Italian! This one is particularly interesting because it mentions Kenny Rogers. They give us a 3/5 which seems sort of alright at first. Then I read that Pitchfork-approved Wavves got half that. As did Chris Cornell. Take that Cornell!

Its all very confusing. And the online translator I used kept using the word "eggs" instead of "album." "Fins and Feathers the new eggs by Silent Cinema..."

So now that that album is out of the way, we are marching on to another. We have begun the writing process, and its going absolutely swimmingly.

We also had the honor of playing as part of the New Orleans Indie Rock Festival, put on by Mark Heck and the rest of the crew from the New Orleans Indie Rock Collective. It was a great time for us, all the bands put on a hell of a show, and I saw a lot of you drunk. Visit the NOIRC blog here.

Awesome review of the fest from Groovescapes here!

There are some photos of us here thanks to Tamara Grayson of Static TV.

So, when I get home tonight I'll be tweetering with the design of this blog. And making friends with other blogs. Blog playdates. Penpals. Brothers.