Monday, June 1, 2009


Everything is golden here at the Silent Cinema camp. I have a new computer, Conan is back on TV, I joined a gym, and we just played a killer show with Bret Bohnet from One Man Machine on drums. Also we won a Where Y'at Best of the Big Easy award! 

Here's what Ryan Hatley from the magazine had to say:

Best Local Up-and-Coming Rock Band:
Silent Cinema
    It’s strange referring to Silent Cinema as up-and-coming because they have been playing the New Orleans circuit for years now. But with the release of their first CD, Fins and Feathers, and finally narrowing the many members of the band down to its core players, Silent Cinema seem ready to get the recognition they deserve. Currently at 8 listed members, they continue to produce an atmospheric wall of sound that is reminiscent of the Canadian indie supergroup Broken Social Scene. Displaying a variety of influences and genres, their wild, sprawling song structures suggest a controlled recklessness kept together by the consistent playing of each band member. From the lulling, hypnotic blues of “John the Revelator” to the joyous, sing-along crescendos of the playful “Tree’s Came Alive,” Silent Cinema proves itself as New Orleans’ next up-and-coming/already here band. 
Purchase their new CD online, but more importantly, go see them live and hear for yourself.

Congratulations to our friends in mynameisjohnmichael and Lovehog who won the polls as well!

Oh and this month is Micah's birthday, and we are gonna be doing a lot to celebrate. Details soon

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  1. hello matt. i lost you in the ether. technical problems. just thought i should say goodbye. to you and your cats... ruth